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Cost of Root Canal procedures:
The following represents some of the most common procedures performed at our office. Our office charges the same fee to all of our patients, so all of the patients receive the same low fee. Some offices have varying fees for the same procedure, and some offices offer cash discounts and Care Credit (Such dental offices charge patients 20-30% more to make up for any discounted fee). Such offices have to charge higher prices to all of their patients to cover discounts, which converts to higher fees for all patients.  When an office offers a discount, then this begs the question, discount off what price, fee or charge
A patient's concern should be how well the root canal treatment is to be completed
Photon Induced Photo-accustic streaming lasers remove over 99% of bacteria, germs and tissue in root canals

  Without the Photon Induced Photo-accustic streaming lasers (PIPS), dentist could seal and leave 5 to 15% of the original bacteria, germs and tissue in root canals  to continue to potentially cause future complications                                                                         
            - Anti-bacterial intra canal treatment to help eliminate bacteria for up to 20 years . Type of filling material and sealer is third most important
            -  Skill of the dentist to perform the above three steps Most general dentists can do root canals, and most if not all  seal bacteria in the root canals, hoping the bacteria will become dormant and stay inactive:  But, none are  Root Canal Specialist as Endodontist

Our office is a preferred provider for the following:
Delta Dental Premier

Delta Dental PPO

Cigna Dental

 An estimate of what other LOCAL Endodontists/ Root canal specialist have charged in the past but fees/ costs do change.

What are the differences in fees?    Dr. May           Other Endodontists' fees in area
Consultations                                           $75             Varies from      $100 to $   300
Root canal treatments for Molars      $1000           Varies from    $1200 or $1000+$300 consultation
Retreatment of Molars                         $1200           Varies from    $1000+$300 consultation fee  to $1500

Most Endodontists only place temparary fillings in spaces created to do Root Canals
DR. May places a permanent composite filling at no charge to save patient extra money and time.

Most dentists charge an additional $100 to $200 to replace temporary filling

Replacing temporary fillings are not normally covered by most dental insurances

Replacing temporary fillings is considered as part of future crown by most dental insurance

CONCLUSION:  You could pay up to  $300 to $500 more for root canal treatment at other offices, which do not use the PIPS laser for total disinfection.  
How could patients compare fees for root canals between a specialist and a general Dentist?
Comparison is impossible as Root Canal Specialists have far more training and skills with a minimum of 2 additional years in a specialty program after dental school plus expensive dental equipment used for only for root canals.

General Dentists who do root canals do not have such equipment. If a general dentist is charging similar fees as Dr. May or another root canal specialist, then the patient is paying too much.

First, root canal specialists have had a 95% success rate over the past 30 years, whereas average dentists claim an 80% success rate. General dentists usually learn one technique with the two semesters of one hour/week, as opposed to many techniques used by Endodontists with three years of intensified training.

Secondly, it would be difficult to compare the root canal treatment by regular dentists and root canal specialists. There are too many factors to consider, such as education, specialized equipment, experience, and training.

Thirdly, root canal specialists perform root canal treatments (RCT) every hour in their office, whereas general dentist perform root canals on a limited basis.

Costs / fees for root canals have to do with Cost of Overhead of a dental office

General dentists do not have the same equipment, skill, or training as root canal specialists/ Endodontists.  Without a microscope in a dental office, it would be very difficult to find tiny root canal to properly perform root canal treatment.   The used of laser and ultrasonics encreases the success rate tremedously according to Dr. May.   Without laser and ultrasonics, the root canal specialist still has superior training and skills compaired to the general dentist.   General dentist are super hero at crowns, bridge and restorative dental work where Endodontists simply do not have the equipment and supplies to do restorative dental procedures
 Some dentists charge over  $100 to $300 evaluation fee before quoting a fee for the root canal treatment, which unfairly ties a patient to their office.   Patient do not want to pay another consultation fee.   It is an investigation for the patients to scearch what the dentist actually charge per procedure without the hidden cost and surcharge.

Why most dentists will not list their fees, costs or charges on their web sites is because every insurance company allows for different fee schedule.  If there is no insurance involved then dentist should publish this for their patient 
Many patients could easily spend $200 to $500 more for root canal treatment by other dentists than for a similar procedure at Dr. May’s office
 Some dentists insist on a 3D radiographic evaluation costing $300 to diagnose and evaluate accidents or surgeries. 3D radiographic procedures are not covered by insurance.

Most Endodontists Do NOT place a final permanent filling on top of the opening created for the root canal procedure. General Dentists could charge $100 to $200 to repair temporary filling with a permanent filling after root canal treatment. Our office places a composite filling at no additional cost or charge. If a post is necessary, then Dr. May seals the root canal with a removable filling for the General Dentist to remove and place a post

Questions to consider if you need a Root Canal
Your dentist might send you to a root canal specialist due to the difficulty of treatment. Patients have a Right to know the fees charged by General Dentists verses a root canal specialist.

Fees/ costs vary among general dentists who attempt root canals
Fees/ costs vary among Endodontists who perform root canals to save your tooth
You should ask questions

a) What is the cost/ fee for a root canal? ...    If not listed on their web site.
b) What is the success rate? 
c) If the root canal treatment fails, what is the cost for re-treatment/ surgery?
d) What is the fee to place a filling in the opening in your root canal?

Dr. May is the most experienced and affordable root canal specialist in the Columbia/Jefferson City area. Should the root canal treatment fail within a year, Dr. May retreats at no cost, if Dr. May did the original treatment. However, if there is a rather large lesion, abscess or radiolucency associated with the patient's tooth, there could be a reduced fee for surgery if necessary the first year after treatment. We are proud of our work. Please call our office for additional information. Our staff will be happy to set up an appointmeny.