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Welcome to Jefferson City Laser-Root Canal Specialist -
Only Laser Enhanced Root Canal Specialist in central Missouri!

Our office has the only advanced disinfection root canal equipment as the Pips Laser:  Pips laser removes over 99% of bacteria, germs and tissue in the root canal. Some specialized equipment only assists with diagnosis in other offices, but no other office has root canal enhanced lasers. Root canal specialists are the only truly trained dentists who are skilled at shaping and filling root canals. If your root canal was not treated with the PIPS laser, then germs, bacteria and tissue was sealed in your root canal.  Possible future problems?
Our Root Canal treatment makes a difference~

Dr. May's equipment is so advanced that he offers to retreat or perform surgery if the root canal fails on an original treatment of a tooth in the first year at no charge. A failed root canal may require retreatment and surgery. The best reason to have a root canal specialist perform your root canal is to reduce chances of a failure.  Patients pay more with a lower success rate if they go to a general dentist for their Root canal Treatment: See the fees -cost schedule.

When comparing root canal fees, one needs to consider the cost of a consultation, root canal treatment, and the final seal of the root canal (replacement of temporary fillings) Many insurance companies do not cover replacement of temporary fillings. The fee charged (normally $200) for replacing temporary fillings is deducted from the cost of a new crown.​

NOTE:  Recent survey of local root canal fees show that general dentists charge as much as local Endodontists. Some general dentists' and local specialists' fees are far higher than Dr. May's fees and none have  Pips lasers  to disinfect the root canals. One general dental office charges twice Dr. May's fees for root canals.

WHAT MAKES DR. MAY's root canals more successful ? Lasers...

 1. Use of Pips Laser: All dentists leave bacteria, germs and tissue in the root canal space. More than 5 to 10% of the bacteria, germs and tissue remains in the root canal space and is entombed in the root canal by dentists who do not use PIPS Lasers. The sonic action of the Pips laser removes over 99% of the original bacteria, germs and tissue. ONLY Pips Laser and Sonendo’s GentleWave lasers use an sonic action to remove debris, bacteria, germs and tissue from the root canal space to increase the success of Root Canal Treatment.

2. Use of an Antibiotic rinse: The pips laser enables deep penetration of antibiotics to affect the bacteria that cannot be removed by ultrasonics. This technique has been demonstrated to be effective for up to 20 years on bacteria and antibiotics alone are just as effective as lasers.

3. Dr. May uses both techniques in an attempt to achieve a higher success rate. Dr. May also seals the root canal opening to save the patient over $100 to $200. Replacement of temporary fillings is not covered by many dental insurances.
Regards recent Survey:   If you have extra money to spend on root canal treatment, you will pay extra for root canal treatment at other dental offices. None of the local dental offices use any laser/ ultrasonic to remove bacteria from root canals to our knowledge.

The Superheroes of Saving Teeth 
Joseph May DDS is the Jefferson City Endodontist

Learn how endodontists advanced training, specialized techniques and superior technology make them the best choice for root canal treatment to save your teeth.

Root Canals, Crowns, and Bridges are expensive. It is most dishearting to experience the frustration of a failed root canal after investing savings on a crown or bridge and then to worry about losing everything if the root canal should fail. Of course, one dental solution would be to remove everything and place a $5000 implant. But, this does not cover the cost of the crown or bridge.

It is wiser to take a safer course by having an Endodontist perform your root canals for peace of mind.

  1. Glenda
    Glenda has been with our office for a number of years. Glenda started in her career in insurance in Kansas City. She is our receptionist and works hard to get the most insurance payment from the patients' dental insurance companies.
  2. Dr. Joseph May
    Dr. May has been a root canal Specialist over thirty years. He has the experience to know what treatments work and what teeth are worth saving from his vast experience and training.
  3. Kanisha
    Kanisha was formally trained as a medical assistant and transferred her skills to dental assisting. She is our main organizer, supply manager and surgical assistant. Our office could not function with our her advanced skills.
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Root Canal Thearpy
Final Fillings
Our office has the most reasonable consultation fee of $75 which is within the allowable charge for most insurance companies.
Our office is the only Root Canal Office that publishes dental fees.  Dr. May has over 95% success if Dr. May does the original root canal due to using dental lasers and antibiotic soak in the root canal. 
Our office places a  composite filling at no charge as a convenience for the patient & referring dentist which is not covered by most dental insurances.  Other endodontists place a temporary filling to be replaced by your dentist at an additional charge to the patient.
Our office has an 85% success on retreats as we use the Pips Laser to ultrasonically remove prior filling and debris.
Over 95% success if Dr. May does the original root canal. 
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